Kind Words From Our Friends


Shawn and his team brought nothing but positivity into my life; I will never be able to look at things the same again.

I spent hours watching videos to determine what this experience would be like for me. I am here to tell you that anything you watch will not give you the slightest clue. The things that will be transformed in your mind cannot be communicated. You will receive exactly what you need: nothing short of a life path-aligning experience.

So much of the confusion and pain that once controlled my life has ceased to exist. I now accept things as they are and let things go when they are not. I am learning how to navigate this experience more every day as the medicine continues to work through me.

“Seek and you will find. Ask and it will be answered. Knock and it will be opened.” – I sought; therefore, I found. I knocked, and the doors opened. The doors that were opened shine brightly, and there is less confusion as to which door to walk through.

The lessons the medicine teaches are here for you, it is up to you to learn and Shawn and his team are here to help. I will only go through Shawn for any spiritual journey in native medicines.