Maima Maria Isaura Cuaran
Strong warrior soul of the jungle, healer and protector of great mystery. Guided by the spirits of her Grandparents and her Great Grandfather, who was her teacher and guide on the powerful path of medicine. At 17, she took her first cup of Ayahuasca. From then on, something woke up in her soul. As time passed by, her spirit grew stronger with Mother Ayahuasca. Little by little, she began to understand the great mystery of the jungle. Grandmother, Mother and Maima, are some of the names by which people usually call her, out of affection, out of respect, and out of gratitude. At 46 years old, she is a woman with immense wisdom. She is a woman sent by the great spirit to fulfill a single purpose. To do good on Earth. With her Waira in hand, she sings songs of strength to liberate and heal the minds, bodies and spirits of men, women and children. As her faith grows stronger and her spirit rises to the heights, she would tell us, โ€œThe path of the medicine is not for everyone. It is for men and women who are strong enough to accept it.โ€ - Maima Isaura