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Through the power of nature, ancestral medicines, and the great spirit, our intention is to cleanse your mind, body, and entire being to prepare you for your transformational healing process.

If you are willing to put forth the effort necessary, we will clear the negative baggage carried by all man and rebuild you into the warrior you are meant to be.

May you sharpen your arrows and get back to life with a newfound strength to greatly further your journey down the path of healing.

We offer an 8-Day Ayahuasca Initiation & Strengthening Program. In this program, we will go deep into the medicine and our practice together. We will work on concentration, meditation, and healing. On this journey, we will share three transformational and healing ceremonies together.

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"To behold that this same man I knew then is now one of the most strongly committed keepers of the Ayahuasca path, is a testament that anything is possible with Spirit."
โ€” Aubrey Marcus

20 January 2024
Embarking on this challenging journey was undeniably the best decision of my life. Amidst the difficulties, I found clarity, a profound connection to God, and the unwavering truth within the medicineโ€™s embrace. This transformative...
31 December 2023
My retreat with The Native Guides was a turn in my path I didnโ€™t see comingโ€ฆ Never could I have been fully prepared, yet I was absolutely ready for this experience. My life has changed indefinitely and for the betterโ€ฆ the work...
29 December 2023
My name is Keith, and this is my story and experience with The Native Guides. I have felt called to the medicine for many years, and had looked at a few different programs. But after hearing Shawn on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast,...
17 December 2023
During my first visit with Shawn and his team in Feb of 2023 I gained an introductory level of understanding into how both the team and the medicine work. My biggest takeaway was that if and when I am ready to continue this journey...
27 June 2023
Itโ€™s been a few months now since my time with The Native Guides and itโ€™s difficult to write a testimonial that can justify the experience I had. Iโ€™m still lost for words as it has been quite simply it was the most profoundly divine...
31 May 2023
Shawn is such a unique guide. He connects deeply to each participant and to the group collectively. He teaches you how to create a strong, purposeful, disciplined container (both the container of the group and your own body as...
31 May 2023
My experience at The Native Guides has been something that I look back on and carry lessons into my daily life, everyday, since I left. Iโ€™ve sat in over 100 ceremonies, some profound some not so much, and the biggest factors are...
31 May 2023
Working with The Native Guides is among the best decisions that I have ever made. Shawn and the team changed my life. They helped me break through limitations that I knew I was coming to Colombia with and those that I did not...
15 March 2023
I went looking for the truth all around the world. I found it here in Colombia, through a man who brought me to it. I have never felt closer to God as I do now. He showed me the truth, the universe and my soul. I am humbled by...
15 March 2023
Words can never describe how incredibly grateful I am to be sharing this journey with Jas, Jasmine and Cagney. We have been pushed to our limits mentally and physically and here we come out stronger than ever with our lives changed...


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