Kind Words From Our Friends


My name is Keith, and this is my story and experience with The Native Guides. I have felt called to the medicine for many years, and had looked at a few different programs. But after hearing Shawn on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast, I felt this was the program for me. The way he spoke of his own journey and of his work with the medicine was deep, truthful, loving and honorable; and this encouraged me to reach out because of his dedication to the medicine.

The months leading up to my adventure were hectic, and full of emotional and physical challenges. A month before departure my mother passed away, and I was left questioning everything in my life. With everything I was facing in life, I tried to come without expectations, to be completely open to whatever may unfold. I was searching for healing and understanding within, so I could take a step beyond who I was; move beyond the young boy I was and become the man I know that I am.

What I found in the medicine was a deeper connection to God. This brought clarity and understanding in myself. It brought deep love for myself to the surface. It brought me to forgiveness within myself, and set me along a path that I will continue to illuminate. There is no turning back. The medicine is powerful, but I found a deep comfort with her. Gentle at times, she knew exactly where to guide me. I faced fear with love, and was given a gift from God in that display of love. The medicine is but part of the journey. We must also actively participate in the work.

I am beyond grateful for the Native Guides and the team they have built. Shawn and Abigail are truly serving their brothers and sisters by bridging them to the medicine. The work they do with the Siona community to offer this opportunity is admirable and the team of musicians and guides they work with are nothing short of magical. The small group approach was incredible. It gave a deep sense of intimacy with each other, and allowed for a powerful dynamic between all of us to form and flow throughout our stay.

If you have ever felt called to the medicine, or are searching for something deeper within yourself; reach out, talk with Shawn and see if this is something for you. His humble honesty will direct you along the path and he will let you know if this is for you or not. Take the step if you’re thinking about it. But be prepared to work, because this isn’t a vacation. It’s challenging; it’s exhausting; but the beauty, the love and the light discovered on the other side is well worth it.

This is love. This is light. This is medicine. Surupa.