Kind Words From Our Friends


During my first visit with Shawn and his team in Feb of 2023 I gained an introductory level of understanding into how both the team and the medicine work. My biggest takeaway was that if and when I am ready to continue this journey with the medicine, this is the only team on the planet I will work with. It was abundantly clear their connection to the medicine was deep and pure, and how they provide guidance and support is anchored in love.

Being called back in Dec of 2023 would catapult my understanding of the process under Shawn’s spectacular guidance to a much higher level. I was shown in the medicine the tools I have available to navigate the challenges to come. As the challenges would arise, the exceptional team was right beside me supporting me perfectly so I could move into my strength, gaining immense confidence as I was beginning to learn how much I was capable of taking on in my strength.

This experience was beautiful. As I began to think of navigating the challenges that await at home, I became excited to show up with my newly acquired armor to take them on. The gratitude I have for The Native Guides is tremendous, and I look forward to when I feel called to continue this journey of beautiful growth and understanding and reconnecting with this amazing team.

Surupa, Surupa.