Kind Words From Our Friends


It’s been a few months now since my time with The Native Guides and it’s difficult to write a testimonial that can justify the experience I had.

I’m still lost for words as it has been quite simply it was the most profoundly divine experience of my life. I feel I experienced heaven and hell, oneness and separation, terror and total love, timelessness… you get the idea. All senses are engaged to guide you through the truth while healing you beyond understanding. There is so much that I could list here but I’m conscious that your experience will be exactly what you need. It’s not easy, but nothing this transformational should be.

What encapsulates and elevates the experience is the love and truth shown by Shawn and the whole team. They work with purity and keep you focused on maximizing the process. They demonstrate a deep understanding of your own highly personal experience and guide you with knowledge, empathy and love. You are challenged, but following the process from before you arrive, the dots connect and you realize why the guidance is given. Nothing can actually prepare you for the medicine, but the guidance keeps you safe and as ready as you can be.

There are countless other Ayahuasca and sacred medicine experiences, but I feel I went exactly to the place with the purest intention, where I could surrender and fully realize the madness, divine magic and reprogramming. I’m staying in the medicine and am filled with gratitude and love – with a knowing that I am upgraded physically, mentally and spiritually.