Kind Words From Our Friends


Shawn is such a unique guide. He connects deeply to each participant and to the group collectively. He teaches you how to create a strong, purposeful, disciplined container (both the container of the group and your own body as a container for the medicine). He helps you understand how to connect to your intention, how to navigate the experience of the ceremony, and how to approach the knowledge that reveals itself to you throughout the process. He models how to be a good traveler on this path of healing and wisdom.

The Taita Shawn works with is, in my mind, a man of true power. What I witnessed in ceremony was no psychedelic trip. What I saw was real knowledge, true power, a deeper layer of Reality exposed and directing its intelligence towards us and the Taita was instrumental to this experience. And this is something to be experienced. It cannot be captured in words. I had the sense that this was no ordinary curandero but a Taita, and I could feel the vast power of his knowledge behind that joyful and playful laugh.

Shawn’s crew is impeccable. They work together with quiet and precise efficiency keeping the integrity of the container and supporting you in your own development of a disciplined approach to the medicine and doing the work. Their music is divine. Their sense of community is healing. The whole design of the ceremony from the hammocks to the community of live music to the intension of serious effort is game changing.

The food is perfect. The setting and accommodations are comfortable but adventurous. Abigail does an amazing job of coordinating all the basic earthly needs from behind the scenes. I felt welcomed and safe and inspired throughout my entire time with The Native Guides. I recommend this to anyone who wants to take their relationship to the plants and the higher realms of consciousness to the next level. Surupa!