Kind Words From Our Friends


Embarking on this challenging journey was undeniably the best decision of my life. Amidst the difficulties, I found clarity, a profound connection to God, and the unwavering truth within the medicine’s embrace. This transformative experience has illuminated the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

To reach my desired destination, I understand that continuous cleansing with the medicine is the key. The lessons learned are not just moments in time; they are the foundation upon which I’ll build my future. I am committed to implementing these teachings in my daily life, seeing God in everything, and aspiring to new heights.

As I settle into this moment, I acknowledge the weariness but find solace in the prospect of rest. Your guidance has been indispensable, Shawn. I wouldn’t have reached this point without you and Abigail. The love and support from you and Abigail resonate deeply, shaping an indelible mark on my soul. I am profoundly grateful for the invaluable lessons, and this knowledge will forever be a guiding light.

Thank you for being a beacon on this transformative path.