Why Are We Here?

Hello, my name is Shawn and I live in the jungles of Colombia with my wife Abigail and our baby puppy Manja. Thank you for your interest with The Native Guides. We are pleased to share the beauty that has been revealed to us. We work directly with the Indigenous Taitas that possess the powerful wisdom of ancestral medicines.


We take the medicines seriously and we expect the same from you. This is a very special and sacred process. We respect this path and everything we do is with love, peace, and understanding for the healing power of the spirit. We are humbly ready to receive and be at service to you, the medicine, and mankind.


If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, we are not for you. But, if you are ready to be pulled from the womb of Mother Earth and start your powerful transformational healing process, we will take you to the true medicine.

Our Intention

Our intention is to cleanse your mind, body, and entire being to prepare you for your greatest Ayahuasca healing journey possible. It is not an easy task. We do not sit in hand circles and sing kumbaya and pretend to love everyone. We ride motorcycles into the mountains and spend time with the Indigenous Communities. Our ceremonies are natural, the way it has been done for thousands of years. 
Have no fear. We will make the deep seem less dark. We will have tears, we will sweat, and we will probably get a little dirty. However, if you are willing to do the work, we will clear the negative baggage carried by all men and rebuild you into the warrior you are meant to be. When we are finished, I can assure you a newfound strength and a new brotherhood/sisterhood where love is earned and respected. My team and I will be on the same journey as you. We participate in the medicines together. One grows, we all grow into a circle of cosmic friends on this unique voyage called life.


At The Native Guides, our programs are designed to strip you of the negative weight in which we all carry, allowing you the freedom of a rebirth and the choice to create a new continuance of life.


Our ceremonies are served by powerful Taitas who hold the knowledge of ancestral medicines passed down from many generations. Our cleaning process is natural and pure, the way it has been done for thousands of years. The drinking of the Ayahuasca cup is only one of our tools. We will immerse ourselves in nature through several ancestral medicines such as Rapé, Mambe, Ambil, and Tobacco.


We offer a 10 day Ayahuasca Initiation and Strengthening Program. Our program is located in Putumayo, Colombia.


In the 10 day program, we will go further and deeper into the medicine and our practice together. We will work on concentration, meditation, and healing. On this journey, we will share three transformational and healing ceremonies together. We will begin to adjust our frequency before we share the medicine. We will have a day to process and share medicine in front of a beautiful waterfall, allowing the strength of the water to seal our bodies and truly process the experience.


To truly understand more about us, connect with us on Instagram @thenativeguides and visit our Youtube channel, “The Native Guides”.


Please know that our programs are subject to change.


Our 10 day Ayahuasca Initiation and Strengthening Program is $3,500 USD.

This cost covers your trip from the moment you land at the airport in Villagarzón throughout the remainder of your stay. Please bring Colombian pesos, no foreign currency will be accepted. Plane tickets are not included.

You may want to bring additional currency for personal items. There are many unique and beautiful handmade pieces to take home with you. We will have medicines that you will partake in available for purchase, such as Rapé, Mambe, Ambil, and Tobacco.


Have no fear of travel in the mind. We are located in Putumayo, Colombia which is the only Amazonian state found at the foothills of the Andes Mountains. The department of Putumayo is a small city that is very family oriented. I am sure it is safer than where you are reading this from.


To get to us, you must first fly to Bogotá, Colombia. Once you land in Bogotá, you must stay the night. The next day, you will fly Satena Airlines from Bogota to Villagarzón. Villagarzón is where we will pick you up from the airport.

At this moment, a PCR Test or Vaccine Card are required to enter Colombia.


We will work with you to prepare your mind, body, and spirit to accept the medicine and how to navigate it. We are going to properly prepare you so that the medicine may run through your body and empty any negative energies and emotions you may have. We will fill this void with the love, peace, and clarity that you need. 
We are in warrior training here. Sharpen your arrows and get back to your life with a new found spirit ready to attack. If this is your interest, let us begin your process.


There are several reasons to adjust your diet in preparation for this work. It is better to start now with a healthy diet, but it is not necessary until 2 weeks prior to ceremony. I personally have always began the month before my ceremony to modify my diet, mood, and physical self. 
Start eating cleaner than you ever have in your life. It matters. Eliminate all meats. Enjoy fruits and vegetables. Fish is allowed. Eliminate all processed sugars. If you must, use an unrefined cane sugar, stevia plant, or honey. Decrease salt intake. Use pink Himalayan sea salt as it contains iodine, which is good for cleansing the calcium from your pineal gland. Decrease use of oils. A true vegetable oil such as cold pressed olive oil is fine, but stay light. No coffee the week before. Do not consume alcohol or drugs. If you are a marijuana user, reduce your use tremendously in the weeks leading to your trip and completely refrain the week prior to the ceremony. You are coming a long way for a purpose.
Let us make sure your insides are right, your kidneys are clean, and your pineal gland ready to fire. Please know these suggestions are for your personal comfort and strength. This will provide you the energy you need for peak performance; therefore, you may concentrate your focus on the emotional and spiritual self. Treat your body appropriately and it will not interfere as the transformational process begins. 
Keep this in your mind. This is not a diet eliciting anxiety or stress. By bringing your best physical self, you will receive the proper experience and healing you desire. The more effort and intention you put into this trip now, the more you will take away. Come clean inside and out. Come pure in body, pure in heart, and pure in mind. Get as close to pure as you can. Nutrition is the most important friend you can have. Take it seriously.


Exercise plays a key role in this process. We will not only be hiking the Inga mountain, but we will need you to be in a healthy condition as to not fatigue during your transformation. The stair climber is your best friend. No matter what condition, age, or gender, push yourself to a new level now.


Meditation and prayer are the most important. Learning how to calm the mind and connect to the spirit will allow the healing process to take place. The power of the body, power of the mind, and power of the spirit combined are the magic ingredients for this transformation. We are looking for believers. Only believers will heal. If you are considering this, please start this practice now. 


Music feeds the soul, opens the heart, and calms the nerves. Music awakens the angels to guard over us and guide us along the path of light. Start being cautious of the music you listen to. Frequency matters. Adjust your frequency now. Visit our Spotify playlist “The Native Guides” - it has beautiful medicine music. Start connecting to the medicine now. 


We do not charge for accommodations. You will be staying with us in our home.


Please know we are very selective in who we allow to join our healing process. We are looking for those who are ready to take the next step. We do not have much time together. We all must focus on our intentions. Please fill out our Questionnaire and be honest with your words. Give us depth in our conversations together. We will review each questionnaire and have an additional interview process.