Kind Words From Our Friends


Working with The Native Guides is among the best decisions that I have ever made. Shawn and the team changed my life. They helped me break through limitations that I knew I was coming to Colombia with and those that I did not know were holding me back. Thanks to The Native Guides I am stronger, clearer, and more confident than ever before. And I am at peace with myself in a way that I did not know was possible. 

The program run by The Native Guides is unlike anything I have experienced. I thought I had an idea of what to expect from psychedelic ceremonies after drinking Ayahuasca over a dozen times in Costa Rica and Peru. But the work that we did in Colombia was on a level that I did not know existed. The most difficult ceremonies of years prior were nothing compared to the crucible in that Maloca. 

We were guided through the work by an incredible team. Shawn is committed to the medicine and sincere in his wish to help others. The Taita is tapped into a power that is mythical in its dimensions. And the men and women who round out the team took care of our every earthly need so that we could focus on the work. The accommodations are comfortable, the wifi is strong, and the food is plentiful and delicious. 

The work is not easy. The nights in the Maloca are among the hardest of my life. But I am grateful for them. Only through suffering hardship do we hone the steel of our souls.